Shanghai’s Entrepreneur Visa Attracts Many Foreigners

Shanghai’s Entrepreneur Visa Attracts Many Foreigners

You may have heard of Chinese Entrepreneur Visa or may not heard of it at all. But what you should know is that investment visa is aiming to help young graduates start their own business in China, especially in Shanghai.

With the idea “work on my own to make my dreams come true, rather than on others” becoming more and more popular, AnyHelper has contacted 3 of foreigners who have successfully obtained entrepreneur visa with the help of us and have some conversations about their own business and life in Shanghai.


AnyHelper: Nice to meet you Renata, tell us something about yourself.

Renata: Hello, My name is Renata, though people usually never guess right my country because of my name and accent, I’m coming from Russia.

I got my Bachelor’s degree in State University of Management in Moscow and Master’s degree in Shanghai Jiaotong University. Both majors were business related.

AnyHelper: When did you come up with the idea of starting your own business? And why?

Renata: I guess I always wanted to work on my own to make dreams come true, rather than on others. There was one special day in late summer of 2018, when I saw two famous quotes: “Do what you love” – Wework and “Just do it”- Nike. I felt it was a sign, sign for an action. I thought through about the things I really love, what makes me happy and where I can be helpful. I am very passionate about sports activities, especially running and I love people, like to take care of them and support. We all need a bit of extra motivation sometimes, and that’s what I was ready to offer.

AnyHelper: Wow, then tell us more about your project.

Renata: I created uRun, a Shanghai based company that offers constant support and motivation, community of passionate runners around whole China! Currently we have ongoing summer running challenge, where you can chose the distance U want to conquer through 3 months, and for your accomplishments at the end of the challenge you will receive your deserved reward!

Subscribe to the official account: ” urunshanghai ” for more information!

AnyHelper: Nice logo. And we all know that starting a business in China is not an easy thing. What difficulties have you encountered in this process, how did you solve them?

Renata: The biggest difficulties I face I would say···is human resources. From my last job in Shanghai I already learned how difficult it is to find proper people into the team. Well I will keep on searching! If someone is into sports and love the challenges, feel free to contact me to become part of the uRun team! (ravilova_renata).

The other thing I’m a bit frustrated with··is paying taxes. It just seems to be a bit messed up and I want to do my business fully legally. It is great that companies like AnyHelper offer accountant services for reasonable price so I don’t actually need to worry about it.

AnyHelper: Well, thank you for your affirmation. So are you satisfied with our service so far?

Renata: Yeah, I like the option that you could ask any question in the group chat and they will answer you straightway. You were helping me to apply for my visa through my company. I don’t think I can manage it by myself as I need to think about company growth and our runners.


AnyHelper: Hello Bilal, give us some information about yourself.

Bilal: Sure, my name is Bilal, I’m from Morocco, I’ve been in China for 9 years. I studied Chinese language for one year at Huazhong Normal University, then I did my bachelor’s studies in Telecommunication Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and recently I graduated from Shanghai JiaoTong University, where I did my master‘s studies in Software Engineering.

AnyHelper: Why are you starting your business specifically in Shanghai, instead of going back to Morocco?

Bilal: Answering this question is always easy for me, I LOVE Shanghai! Though answering the question from a business perspective, Shanghai is rich in every aspect. That is, you can find almost anything you are looking for here, in Shanghai, just need to look properly!

AnyHelper: Where did you know AnyHelper? And what effective help did you get from AnyHelper?

Bilal: I heard about AnyHelper from my classmate. I told him about my startup plan and he told me AnyHelper can help me! Indeed, AnyHelper is helpful and reliable. For the 9 years I’ve been in China I can tell AnyHelper is indeed a great helper! I’m very satisfied with your quality of service.


AnyHelper: Thank you for accepting our interview Peter, tell us something about yourself.

Peter: No problem, I am a Belgian citizen who have already spent 5 years here in Shanghai. I graduated from Brussels Ephec University in 2014 before joining Fudan university for an exchange program. I then worked for Illy coffee and Smartbay here in Shanghai for about a year. I recently graduated from Jiao Tong University, in political economy.

AnyHelper: Ok, maybe you can introduce your entrepreneurial project to us.

Peter: Our project is a mobile application, modernizing the pet market and pet care services in China, making walking, grooming, delivery and adoption services simpler, cheaper and faster. Our mobile application generates revenues according to the transactions made between our users and our service providers.

AnyHelper: Wow, sounds very useful! Then where did you know AnyHelper and what is your next plan?

Peter: AnyHelper has been recommended by some of my personal friends who also decided to set up a business in Shanghai. And AnyHelper attracted me because the visa process and visa service you provide is effective and the visa itself can be provided very quickly.

My future plan is to continue developing the company and reach other major cities and business centers in China such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen etc..

For young foreigners who want to start a business in China, a entrepreneur visa is indeed essential and useful. Below we will introduce you:

What is “Entrepreneur Visa”?

Entrepreneur visa is a new type of Chinese visa released to help young graduates start their own business in China. Moreover, there is no need to register a company before you obtain this visa.

1. Process Time:

Only 7 Working Days

2. Targeting People:

Fresh graduates who have graduated from Chinese universities;
Graduates who graduate within 2 years (Top world 300 universities or top 50 universities in China );
Click HERE to check the university list for entrepreneur visa!

3. Visa Validity:

1 year; renewable; Multi-Entrance

Advantages of Entrepreneur Visa


Compared with work visa application or other visas, Entrepreneur Visa is the most convenient. With basic materials and our help, this visa will be on your passport ASAP.


Normally, other visas need around one month to process, but entrepreneur visa only takes 7 working days.


With entrepreneur visa, you can stay in China for a longer time at the same cost, especially before company registration.

All your entrepreneurial projects will be incubated in the Shanghai JiaoTong University Science Park. It is a national-level science park which has successfully incubated enterprises such as 饿了么、AnyHelper and others.

If you have any questions about Entrepreneur visa or company registration, just contact AnyHelper! We are always here to help you!