Under The Smog, Who Is Really Effective In The Air Purification Market

Under The Smog, Who Is Really Effective In The Air Purification Market

Under the smog, air purification has become a big market, but the threshold of this industry is still not high. A few days ago, a mobile phone manufacturer launched its own air purifier and put a lot of them in a few glass boxes. Smoke for comparison. However, for those in employment, the difference between smoke and haze is still very large. The experiment of smoking is actually an iaq testing services done with a range hood before. What is the ultimate effect of purifying the haze? Prove. Of course, this also explains the characteristics of this industry, more gimmicks, but the truth is unclear.


The Puzzle Of Air Purifiers

The air purifier industry is very popular, but there are not too many thresholds. Product prices are also uneven, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands. They look the same in appearance and structure. They are all fans and filters. Whose is it? Better and more effective, no one can tell. Although there are air data on the purifier, well-known cost-effective brands have also been exposed before. The plastic sheet of the filter is packaged without being removed, but the data will still drop as soon as it is turned on. So it’s really hard to tell whether it is really down or to give you a psychological comfort. This has caused many users to buy blindly. Many people buy a cheap one to give themselves a psychological comfort. As for the final effect, most people don’t care too much. And many people worry about the price of the filter, but it is only turned on during the days when the haze is heavy, and it is usually not used, so it is still doubtful how effective the air purifier can play in the end.

In fact, even if it is sunny outside, PM2.5 may not exceed the standard. Sometimes even if the sun is shining in the summer, PM2.5 will rise to more than 100, and more people like to observe the air visually and can’t see it. If there is no smog, it is also a big misunderstanding. On the one hand, the product quality is uneven; on the other hand, people have immature usage habits, and they don’t have a deep understanding of smog, let alone pay much attention to it. This has led to the current situation. Of course, some families with children still pay more attention to this problem, which is considered a strong demand, but almost every family has gone through detours in choosing a purifier, and more and more new technologies are also confusing. Words such as photocatalyst and negative ions are emerging one after another, and users may not choose the expensive ones correctly, and the correct ones may not be able to be maintained and used correctly. Even if everything is okay, the defects of the air purifier itself are also annoying. For example, the purification effect is limited. The farther the effect is, the worse the effect will be. The door must be closed for purification. Fresh air cannot be exchanged. The stronger the purification ability, the stronger the fan will be. It also caused noise pollution.

The Rise Of Fresh Air Systems

Considering these limitations of purifiers, fresh air systems have gradually emerged. Although the price is more expensive, its function is also more powerful. It is an independent air treatment system, which is not too noisy and can communicate with air. It also covers a wider area and benefits the entire room. The fresh air system is still very popular in the West. However, there is a new problem here. The traditional fresh air, especially the fresh air from overseas brands, actually deals with high-quality foreign air. The ventilation effect is greater than the purification, and it is only necessary to bring it to China. There will be some dissatisfaction with the soil and water. Faced with severe haze pollution, its purification capacity is greatly insufficient. There is no way to guarantee the air quality in the room. Many times, you go to communicate with the fresh air manufacturer, and they are afraid to guarantee the indoor air index. . Therefore, after installing fresh air, many families find that the effect is not good, and they have to add an air purifier. Instead, they suffer twice. Even if they spend more money, they also cause a lot of waste. Moreover, the house that has been renovated is not good enough. Can’t pretend. So from this perspective, the purification and fresh air system is the most reliable system, and it is more suitable for the current domestic air conditions.

With the evolution of these purifiers and fresh air products, a new air purification system that is more suitable for Chinese households has also appeared, that is, the wall-mounted fresh air purification system. This company named Air Castle designed this product in response to the actual needs and environmental conditions of Chinese users. Its shape is similar to a wall-mounted air conditioner. You only need to make a hole in the window or wall as a vent to hang up the wall-mounted fresh air purification system, and then use 24-hour ventilation to realize the air renewal and air renewal of the whole house. Purification ensures air circulation and sufficient oxygen. At the same time, the use of micro-positive pressure purification technology in the medical environment ensures that indoor air is constantly replaced and outdoor pollutants cannot enter, forming an “air shield” that protects indoor air. The H13-grade HEPA filter achieves a purification rate of over 99.97%, while the noise is not large, and the price is relatively moderate, which is similar to a relatively high-end air purifier. Can this product bring the air purification industry into a new era?

Started By Word Of Mouth

In fact, you rarely see a product made by word of mouth, the air castle wall-mounted fresh air purification system is really a different kind. Because Airburg’s own installation team has relatively high standards, in fact, Airburg’s service and installation capabilities have always been very advantageous in the industry, with a good reputation and a benchmark in the industry. The users are relatively high-end, and many of them are introduced, often appearing in the shares or photos spontaneously released by some celebrities. For example, Zhao Mingyi, the protagonist of the famous vacuum flask incident, posted a friend’s circle to recommend this product, and Zhang Liangying’s self-portrait at home also revealed the fact that she was a user of Air Castle, and even the director of Ode to Joy took the initiative to plant it. Into the TV series. This kind of low-key and pragmatism seems a bit out of place in the field of flying air purification. And conscientiously polishing products and services is the core competitiveness and reputation of Air Castle. If they are as good at hype as the mobile phone company at the beginning, then the industry may eventually lose its credibility.

In fact, Air Castle’s efforts on the server side are particularly praiseworthy. For example, many people worry that the filter is too expensive, they come up with a packaged solution, according to remote data monitoring to ensure that the filter is replaced on time, yearly The charge is only 1200 yuan. Special personnel will also be arranged for on-site installation and replacement. The low cost allows users to continue to turn on the machine with peace of mind, ensuring continuous fresh air in the home. In the installation process, a standard dust-free installation process was also designed. The rapid installation within 90 minutes ensures that there is no dust and sewage. This rigorous to demanding service has solidified Airburg’s brand and foundation, and has also brought customers’ recognition. For example, after using it for half a year, Xu Xiaoping found that this product was really good, and decided to invest in Air Castle. This can be regarded as a good story in the industry, because the quality is directly favored by investors. After this round of financing is successful, it will greatly speed up the pace of Air Castle, and it is believed that in winter, a new round of outbreak will be realized. However, it should be explained here that it is a misunderstanding that users get together to buy air purification equipment in winter. In fact, as I said earlier, there will be air problems in summer, but if you buy it in summer, you don’t have to line up to install it. On the contrary, the experience will be much better. .

What makes Air Castle more moving is that it is practical. Although the effect is very good, it will not brag about itself. This makes it lose a lot of opportunities in the previous competition. This market is actually like this. Whoever has the loudest voice has the upper hand. As for whether it is really good, users don’t know if it is really good, and even the boot data of some brands declines even the filter is not installed, which is completely fooling customers. In the next competition, Air Castle is also facing a lot of pressure. It is not a product problem, but a marketing problem. How can users deeply understand the rules of the purifier industry and the differences and differences between products? The performance gap, in fact, still has a long way to go. But I believe that the new standard in the era of air purification 4.0 with smart fresh air purification + service will eventually improve the level of the entire market, and it will also be recognized by more consumers.