Know More About of LGBT Groups

Know More About of LGBT Groups

Among the friends who read this article, in addition to women and men, there may also be intersex.

There are at least three categories of physical sex. Intersex refers to being between the standard male and female sexes in terms of chromosomes, hormones, and genitals at birth. For example, having both sexes or vague sexual characteristics. Intersex people, like men and women, may have any kind of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.


Gender refers to the different expectations and norms that society has on people of different genders.

Generally speaking, social gender is consistent with physical gender, which means that from an early age, society requires us to “be like boys” and “girls be like girls”.

In some cultures, there is a custom of raising a boy in the family as a girl. At this time, the social gender is not consistent with the biological gender. The differences between men and women do not all come from their biological sex, and many differences are even caused by the gender requirements of society.

Psychological Gender / Gender Identity

It means what gender the mind thinks of oneself. People who have the same psychological sex and physical sex and identify with their physical sex are cisgender. People whose psychological sex and physical sex are inconsistent and who do not identify with their physical sex are transgender.

This disagreement is usually long-term, strong, and painful. Therefore, some transgender people have changed their biological gender and integrated into their lives with a new gender; some transgender people are in the process of transgender, so because transgender is a complicated process, including hormone injection, second and First sex surgery, reconstructive surgery, etc.; however, some people did not make any changes to their physiology. They are transgender, but not transgender. In terms of personal wishes alone, not every transgender person wants to complete the entire transgender process.

Transgender people may have various sexual orientations. For example, a transgender male to female, her psychological gender is female, if she likes men, then she is heterosexual; if she likes women, then she is homosexual. Not only can transgender people and homosexuals not be equated, it is not even easy to become the partner of each other’s love, moreover, some homosexuals discriminate against transgender people.

There are transgender groups in various periods and places.

Transgender people are often under greater pressure. In addition to self-identification, family, school, and workplace, they may also come from high medical expenses and discrimination from other sexual minorities. An American data shows that the suicide rate of transgender youth is 10 times higher than that of other groups. Think about it, even going to the bathroom is stressful. Whether you choose a male or female toilet, you are worried about being blamed. It can be seen that gender-friendly toilets really give transgender people a safe and secure space.

If you are a cisgender, what should you do when you reach out to transgender people? On the one hand, avoid discrimination in matters that have nothing to do with gender; on the other hand, in matters related to gender, it is recommended to communicate according to the gender expressed by the other party, such as choosing a name that specifically refers to male or female.

In the field of psychological gender, in addition to cisgender, there are not only transgender people, but also people whose gender identity has changed over time, that is, fluidity; some people do not agree with binary gender division at all. They are Sex queer.

Gender Expression

Gender expression refers to how a person expresses his gender in explicit ways such as how to dress, talk and behave. You are a boy, if you dress and behave like a girl, or if you are a girl, dress and behave like a boy, then you are a minority in gender expression.

It is unreliable to speculate on a person’s psychological gender from his gender expression, and it is even more unreliable to speculate on his sexual orientation. For example, girls who wear men’s clothing obviously do not feel that they are born with the wrong gender. Men who wear women’s clothing do not all want to become women. Some people wear them for work needs, such as cross-playing. They may also express their own aesthetics or oppose binary division. They may like the opposite sex. May also like the same sex.

Sexual Orientation

Among the friends who read this article, although most of them are heterosexual (heterosexual, meaning that their psychological gender is heterosexual), they may also have homosexuality, which is generally estimated to account for about 3% of the population. There may also be bisexuality and pansexuality. (Pansexuality does not include gender in the criteria for mate selection), also collectively referred to as LGBT. There may also be asexuality (meaning that there is no sexual desire for people of any gender for a long time. Asexuality is a kind of sexual orientation and has nothing to do with sexual functioning). There may also be people who are exploring what sexual orientation they are, or It is a queer who does not accept any sexual orientation labels.

Sexual orientation refers to being attracted to people of a certain gender in terms of sexual desire and emotion. This definition has two important points:
1. This attraction needs to be lasting
2. Sexual behavior does not determine sexual orientation

Sexual orientation is a psychological matter, and sexual behavior is a behavioral matter. For example, having short-term sex with the same sex does not mean that you are homosexual. There may be various other reasons. Having long-term sex with the opposite sex does not mean that you are heterosexual. It may be that your culture requires anyone to marry the opposite sex, have children, have boys, and preferably have many children.

Is the difference in sexual orientation a result of congenital or acquired? It is inconclusive.

The current research results are: After birth, there is no clear environmental factor that can affect sexual orientation. Controversy and research focus on genes, brain anatomy, and pregnancy conditions, but there is no consensus conclusion yet.

In fact, arguing about congenital or acquired is nothing more than arguing about whether homosexuality is legitimate and whether it can be changed. But, more importantly, isn’t it the most common thing to recognize the differences between people? In some countries, such as lgbt indonesia, homosexual acts are considered illegal and will be severely punished.

If you don’t look at “different” in this way, but presuppose that “non-heterosexuality is abnormal”, then if the congenital theory is established, it may prevent a baby with a homosexual gene from being born directly, or be judged as a congenital defect after birth; If the acquired theory is established, the parents will be very self-blame for poor education and send their children to try various reversal treatments. The so-called “twisting treatment” does not conform to my country’s medical standards, court precedents and my country’s speeches in the United Nations.

Because LGBT people are discriminated against and targeted, most LGBT people will conceal their sexual orientation and search for objects on the Internet, for example through the video gay indonesia lokal website.