Aier Ophthalmology Charitable Donations And Economic Benefits Go Hand In Hand

Aier Ophthalmology Charitable Donations And Economic Benefits Go Hand In Hand

On the evening of October 25, Aier Ophthalmology disclosed the third quarter report. In the first three quarters of this year, the company achieved operating income of 11.596 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.38%; attributable net profit was 2.003 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.59%; deducted non-net profit was 2.175 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 37.58%. Although the domestic epidemic spread more frequently in the third quarter, and business development in many provinces and regions was greatly affected, in the same period last year, with retaliatory growth and a high base, Aier Ophthalmology remained stable, achieving revenue of 4.248 billion yuan, attributable to it. The net profit of 888 million yuan was slightly higher than the level of the same period last year, highlighting the tenacious “resistance” ability.

While operating performance continues to improve, the company continues to invest in social charity and rural revitalization. On the basis of accumulative donations exceeding the IPO funds raised in the previous ten years, external charitable donations reached more than 200 million yuan in the first three quarters of this year, further helping poverty For people with eye diseases, strengthen the prevention and control of young people’s myopia, and help improve the national eye health. Since the beginning of this year, local hospitals have continued to actively participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic. When heavy rains fell continuously in Henan and floods occurred in Shanxi, Aier Ophthalmology provided timely assistance through various means.

The report shows that from January to September this year, the company’s revenue increased by more than 30% year-on-year, mainly due to the expansion of business scale, the increase of brand influence and the upgrade of medical consumption, which led to the increase in the volume of diagnosis and treatment and surgery. Following the growth trajectory of Aier Ophthalmology in recent years, the prediction that “the demand for ophthalmic medical care has no ceiling” is constantly being verified. In recent years, Aier Ophthalmology has taken the lead in realizing the market sinking of prefecture-level cities and counties nationwide by virtue of its leading “tiered chain + talent training + doctor partner” model, and successfully “going out to sea” through mergers and acquisitions, initially establishing global eye health In the ecosystem, technological advantages, scale effects and brand influence are becoming increasingly prominent.

Since entering the third quarter, the company has further deepened the “tiered chain” system, optimized the stock, and stimulated the increase. According to the announcement, Aier Ophthalmology acquired part of the equity of 10 hospitals including Rizhao Aier and Weihai Aier in August and October respectively; at the same time, the company’s 3.536 billion yuan fixed increase project is steadily advancing, and the funds raised will be Invest in the new construction, relocation and expansion of leading hospitals in Changsha, Wuhan, Shanghai and other key provincial capitals and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and enhance regional medical service supply capabilities by building “flagships”.

In addition, Aier Ophthalmology continues to improve its medical education and research platform, firmly promotes the implementation of the “Science and Technology Aier” strategy, and continuously increases R&D and talent investment. In the first three quarters, the company’s R&D investment reached 157 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61.49%, mainly due to the continuous increase in investment in ophthalmology clinical application technology and digital transformation research; the company’s equity incentives for nearly 5,000 people implemented in June also led to Administrative expenses in the first three quarters increased correspondingly by 72.26 million yuan.

The industry believes that through solid initial investment and orderly strategic expansion, Aier Ophthalmology is steadily moving towards the new ten-year high-quality development strategic goal, continues to strengthen the scale effect, and always maintains a high degree of sensitivity to the forefront of ophthalmology technology, and continues to consolidate Leading position and market share.